Self2My journey to becoming a writer began in 8th grade when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pulled from school to recover. During this time, I was left alone for hours on end and it was then that I discovered new friends within the pages of books. I also learned the blessing of creating my own friends by writing down the stories that plagued my lonely mind—as demented as that sounds. Therefore at the ripe age of fourteen, I wrote my first novel. It sucked! But I kept going and now I am finalizing my first indie novel, with sequels to come, and two other series along with a fiction based blog. I never imagined that first horrible novel about a man who crashed landed on his long-lost home world would turn into a lifelong passion.

I now live in Chicago, IL with my amazing husband and two rambunctious cats, Groot and Rocket.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Out of all your books you have written, I decided to read the Void series. I’ve just now finished book 2 and I need more!!! Fantastic series and I enjoyed reading it. Please bring more of this series out as I’m totally hooked on this character and story line.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you have enjoyed Sam’s adventure thus far. Book 3 will likely be out around the end of September, so not too long to wait. Can I ask a favor, please take a second to write a quick review for the first two books. Those books are seriously hurting for reviews! Thank you again for your support.


  2. I am reading Trust & Treachery and enjoying it so much I thought I could drop a line here to let you know it! It has all the themes I like and a good depth. Definitely going to check out your other works. I will try to leave a review on the Kobo store too.


      1. Absolutely can’t wait to read it! Today I was almost getting depressed because the book’s almost finished and I was afraid the sequel still wasn’t out. Have a great day and happy writing!


  3. I really thought this was going to end up a RH story but even if it doesn’t, I’m in love with the Sol series. When will you be putting out book 5? I have left a review for all the books and I rarely ever do. Keep up the amazing writing.


    1. Thank you so much for reaching out! Sorry to disappoint on the RH issue. It was shared in an RH group before the original sharer had read it. Book 5 will be coming out early May. Probably about May 5 if my team gets everything to me on time. If you liked Sol, you might enjoy the Dothan Chronicles. It is very different but deals with some similar themes.


    1. Thank you so much! If you haven’t already, please write a review for the books you have read.They are so important for spreading the word to other readers. Thank you again for your kind words.


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